Diner decaf? Not really!

Decaffeinated coffee gets a bad reputation, that's not unexpected considering that for many of us, our exposure to 'decaf' is normally not 'the good stuff'. 

Decaffeination has come a long way from the use of harsh chemicals to remove caffeine from our coffee, and you shouldn't accept such practices anymore when there are much safer and tastier methods available today!

'Night hOwls', our decaffeinated option, uses the 'Swiss Water Process' to remove caffeine, take a look!

You coffee savvy people may notice that our decaf even though roasted mildly, appears dark and oily, characteristics of very dark roasted coffees. The reason for this is that the cellular structure of the coffee bean is being changed by the decaffeination process. There is nothing 'wrong' with this, all it means is that the beans darken and release their oils more readily at lower temperatures.

Go ahead, give decaf a second chance, we think you will be pleasantly surprised.