Latest News with SHARP


The team at SHARP are growing to help support huskies and their owners. We were able to chat with team members Marilyn and Sally to hear all about the changes and new ways they're working to improve the lives of huskies across Canada.

There are a lot of changes happening at SHARP since our last blog post. You are no longer open to intakes, but still offer listing services for owners - tell us a bit about that process for the owner.

With finding and keeping fosters being increasingly difficult we decided to try and help owners place their dog before they go to a shelter. The owner contacts us and we then send out a list of questions we need answered so we can do a thorough bio on the dog. We find that a good quality photo and detailed information gets better interest for the dog and more circulation on social media. Applications can come either through our online website form or in some cases, direct to the owner/foster. We also share and post courtesy listings for other shelters and rescues.

You are working on a new Welfare Service. What are some of the goals you hope to achieve with this service?

We want to help people and kennels who may have come across hard times and just need a little help so they can keep their animals and not have to surrender them or face difficulties with emergency life and death vet costs. Everyone has tough times and losing your best friend/s on top of that is heartbreaking. We are hoping that by providing welfare support, we can keep the dogs where they belong - with their owners!

Do you have any upcoming events/announcements we can watch out for?

We have a couple of invitations to attend adoption/rescue awareness events which we are working on a schedule for. We have been busy with our advice side of the rescue during that last couple of months and have also sent a donation to help the abandoned sled dogs in Whitehorse, Yukon Territory, currently being looked after by Muktuk Adventures.

Are there new ways people can support SHARP?

We are constantly looking for fosters, Home Visit volunteers, transport volunteers, event organizers/volunteers, animal behaviourists/trainers, boarding and private kennels with a spare place for intakes. There may be positions coming up for Board Members in the future.

What else is happening at SHARP? Anything we should keep an eye open for?

Lots of work is happening in the background but we are hoping to attend several events later in the year and will keep you posted!

Though SHARP is now closed for intakes, they are still looking to find the forever home for Zarek. Take a look at his photo and bio to see if he'll make a great addition to your family.