Meet Our Feathered Charity Partner, Parrot Partner!

Cooper the Parrot

Meet Robin, one of the team members at our charity partner, Parrot Partner. We're proud to work with this feathered charity that helps improve the lives of your favourite chatty creature. Read on below to learn a little bit about the charity, and Robin's favourite moments with their parrots.

What is your role at Parrot Partner?

I am the Executive Assistant at Parrot Partner. I help support the Executive Director, Judith Tennant, and the charity as a whole. My daily jobs include answering telephones, scheduling, email correspondence, writing Standard Operating Procedures, and much more!

What is the mission of Parrot Partner?

The mission of Parrot Partner is to improve the quality of life of parrots by educating the next generation of owners.

Parrot Partner is a registered charitable organization that runs public education campaigns, parrot training and adoption aviary for parrots. Along with increasing public awareness, we provide parrot training workshops to veterinary technicians, future and current parrot owners, pet sitters and crossover trainers.

Parrot Partner engages the public in the rehabilitation of our parrots and through its education programs promotes humane attitudes toward all animals and the environment. Through interactive public events we seek to raise public awareness of the nature and needs of all companion animals, but especially those of parrots.

We also provide parrot boarding and parrot sitting services as well as fun educational parrot birthday parties, educational shows and camps for all ages.

How did the charity start? Was there a specific event that inspired its founding?

The charity was officially registered in 2013, but was operated as a sole proprietorship since 2008. It started in the home of Judy Tennant, who realized that the majority of parrot relinquishments were the result of parrots’ natural wild behaviours, such as screaming and biting, which were incompatible in a home setting. With her background in behavioural modification and positive reinforcement, Judy and her friends realized there was a need to help parrots and their owners. Parrot Partner is the only registered charity in Canada for parrot education, rehabilitation, and adoptions. 

What has been your favourite memory of working at Parrot Partner?

This is a tough question to answer, as a multitude of wonderful memories with the parrots come to mind! Parrots are extremely intelligent animals, and are constantly amazing me. My office is situated next to two of our African Grey parrots. When the phone rings, they love to help me answer and chat along. When the one grey is “done” chatting, he will say, “Goodbye, beeeeep!”. One of them likes to imitate the phone ring, which may send me running to my desk just to say hello to them. The greys also love lunchtime, and if I have something they like they will ask me to share by saying “MmmMMmmm”, or “Want some!”, of which I am happy to oblige! Everyday at Parrot Partner is filled with amazing and funny moments like these.

Griffy the Parrot

Griffy, one of Parrot Partner's African Grey parrots.

How can people support your charity?

There is a multitude of ways people can support us. We are always accepting volunteers, and a variety of skills are essential to our team. Donations can be made through our website. You can also help us by hiring us for an event, like a birthday party, telling your friends and family about us, or purchasing an amazing bag of Animated Coffee!

Find your roast here to support Parrot Partner!