Exciting Things Happening at Parrot Partners Canada!

This month, we caught up with Parrot Partners Canada, one of our charity partners! We spoke with Robin a few months ago to learn more about the charity, and have reached out to her again to hear all about the exciting new initiatives they're hosting! 

A lot has changed at Parrot Partners since our last blog post! Can you walk me through all the exciting updates?

We are now officially open as of June 2018! We have also rebranded under a new logo and name: Parrot Partners Canada. With that came a new website, slogan, e-mails, etc. We offer tours by reservation on Thursdays, Saturdays, and Sundays at 1:30pm. We also have a brand new gift shop, parrot training and boarding, workshops, summer and PD Day camps, Birthday parties and events (on or off-site), and of course adoptions. We hope everyone gets a chance to come by and see all of the exciting changes!

Parrot Partners Canada Gift Shop

For your launch, you held a number of tours of the aviary! What were some of your favourite moments?

For our Grand Opening month we had special 1.5hr tours that included a guided tour of the aviaries, one interactive parrot activity (making toys or treats with the parrots, taking them on a walk, etc), as well as a Parrot Show in our Grand Aviary. Every tour was unique and a lot of fun. Over the month of June, twelve grand opening tours were held. Over those twelve, six Parrot walks were had, over 150 foot toys were made, three nutrition workshops were given and many grapes were eaten by parrots.

Our tour guides especially love seeing when a person gets their very first up-close interaction with a parrot. Seeing the awe in their eyes gives us even more appreciation for the wonderful opportunity we have working and volunteering with Parrot Partners.

One of my personal favourite stories occurred while we were getting the building ready for the official opening. Meaghan was up on a ladder working on the building decorations outside while I spotted her on the ladder. One of our volunteers was leaving the building next to us to bring a parrot on a buggy walk. The sweet natured and intelligent cockatoo immediately caught eye of our “precarious” situation on the ladder and yelled “Look out, look out!!!”. It gave us all a good laugh!

What can people expect if they want to come by and go on a tour?

If you’d like to come by for a tour, please remember that all of our tours must be booked in advance. This helps us to ensure we have small tour sizes which is beneficial to both the birds and our guests! Tours can easily be booked online through our website. If you don’t have access to the internet, please give us a call at 613-257-2473.

Our regular tours are one hour in length, with a guided tour and one interactive activity. You can expect to help us rehabilitate and train our parrots by reinforcing good behaviour, learn interesting facts about parrots in captivity and the wild, hear the parrots talk, see a variety of beautiful parrots from around the world, all while supporting a registered charity! Our tours are very educational and fun, plus they have the added bonus of socializing our adoptable parrots to a variety of people.

Tell us about your upcoming summer camps! Who can attend and what activities will there be?

Our Summer Camps will be an exciting variety of activities for ages 7-16. They will be running July 23-27 2018, and August 13-17 2018. We will also be continuing our camps on PD Days throughout the school year. During our camps, children can expect to become “Parrot Troopers”. They will have the chance to interact with these beautiful and intelligent animals, learn about their care and nutrition, become parrot trainers and chefs, take the parrots for walks, make parrot toy crafts, visit the community pool and Kid’s World, play outdoor games, amongst many other fun-filled and educational activities.

What else is on the horizon for Parrot Partners?

Coming this fall, Parrot Partners will be launching a variety of Individual and Group Workshops, including ones on photography, parrot toy making, and Avian First Aid. We are also in the process of launching online educational courses. Stay tuned for some very exciting activities here at the aviary!