Lagoon - Guatemala, Medium Roast

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Lagoon is a simple approach to a really good coffee, we wanted something uncomplicated, widely useable (luscious as an espresso) and flavours that say "Mmm Coffee" with that first sip in the morning. Chocolate, roasted almonds and a mild acidity. 

Juan Rodriguez is the Producer of this wonderful single farm coffee. The farm is located in Mataquescuintla, municipality of Guatemala. He is a multi-generational coffee producer, in a region of Guatemala overlooked and under appreciated for their quality coffees.

To read about this coffee and the story behind it, and what it represents beyond the cup, we direct you to our friends at Semilla (Spanish for 'Seed') who helps us get this coffee to you! 

Coffee Info:
Producer: Juan Rodriguez
Guatemala, Jalapa, Mataquescuintla
Washed Process
Pache & Catuai Variety 

340g per bag.

Our tasting notes:

Taste is very subjective, we intentionally try to keep the aroma and tasting descriptors as broad as possible. Our tasting notes are just a guide based on personal reference points, you may or may not taste the same things!

Packaging options:

Standard - Our colourful bags! These are high barrier bags, optimal for people who will place coffee in a freezer and take their time to consume.

Omnidegradable® - If you have your own coffee container, and wish to forego the standard plastic bags, these Omnidegradable® bags are an eco friendly choice, they are plain white with affixed coffee information sticker.