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Our Tale

“An animal’s eyes have the power to speak a great language.”
— Martin Buber


Every Animal Has a Story...

Ours starts when Animated Coffee founders Ryan and Tara adopted their rescue dog Yuki in 2010. A Siberian Husky, living in Dubai in need of multiple surgeries and extensive rehabilitative care.  Over the years Yuki has rekindled his trust of people and grown to become an example to those who know his story, that with love and support, anything is possible. Yuki was the catalyst that brought Animated Coffee to life, as unique as he is, sadly his story is not, it is one that bridges many species. With Animated Coffee we wanted to offer people the chance to do good, for all animals. Every time you take a sip of your coffee you have been a voice for those that have none.  When you buy our coffee, or products containing our coffee, 25% of the proceeds will be distributed to our animal charity partners across Canada.