What we do

The Coffee

Why Animated? Animals + Caffeinated = Animated.
All our green coffee, sourced from certified organic plantations around the globe, is roasted here in Canada. Experience the taste of freshly roasted coffee every day.

When you buy our coffee, or products containing our coffee, 25% of the proceeds will be distributed to our charity partners across Canada.



Donation Partners

Constance Creek Wildlife Refuge is located in Dunrobin, Ontario and is home to many animals in need. These animals are in need of food, shelter and rehabilitation.

Website: http://ccwr.ca/



S.H.A.R.P. is located in Ontario and is run by dedicated volunteers. Siberian Huskies in need of foster homes are rescued and cared for, until adopted. As well as helping to rescue S.H.A.R.P. also sets out to educate the public on the challenging needs of caring for Huskies.

Website: http://www.sharprescue.ca/



The third most popular house hold companion animal, often outlive their owners, Parrots are a seldom thought of animal in need of help. Parrot Partner aim to educate and adopt homeless parrots. They provide public education and social events to help keep their refuge parrots well mannered and mentally active.

Website: http://www.parrotpartner.com/



 If you are a registered Charity or Refuge center in Canada, and wish to get in touch, please use email us at info@animated.coffee or check us out on Facebook.