Clever Coffee Dripper

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A clever, consistent & easy way to brew coffee!

We love the fact this dripper uses a standard #4 Filter (eg Melitta®) available in most stores and grocery chains, no proprietary filters that are hard to find.

Available in Black or Clear.

  • Heat-resistant, durable and BPA-free Eastman Tritan™ copolyester
  • Requires a standard #4 filter 
  • Practical Capacity: 500ml (16.9oz)

Our preferred Clever Dripper Recipe

For one mug of coffee.
18g of of your favourite Animated Coffee
Freshly boiled water.
Digital kitchen scale and a timer.

  1. Place a #4 Filter into your Clever and place it on you mug.
  2. Pour some hot water to ‘rinse’ your filter, this will both pre-warm your mug and the dripper.
  3. Pull off the Clever from the mug. Discard the water from the mug.
  4. Grind your Coffee to a filter grind, this is about the consistency of granulated sugar.
  5. Pour 300g of water in to your clever.
  6. Add the coffee, using a spoon to make sure you get it fully saturated!
  7. Steep for about 1 minute and stir again.
  8. At 2 minutes you can place the Clever on your mug, releasing the stopper and draining the coffee into your mug.
  9. Stir your coffee and enjoy.

This is very similar to method to how we brew Syphon coffee while testing at Animated Coffee. It differs from the instructions on the Clever dripper box which says to add coffee first. Either method works, try out both and see which you like!