Moss - Colombia, Medium E.A. Decaf

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Slow your roll, gather some Moss.

'Moss' is an E.A process decaf from Colombia, we wanted to offer a decaffeinated option thats a bit lighter on the taste spectrum. A mildly sweet and clean coffee, with a hint of acidity in the finish, very easy drinking.

Coffee Info:
Colombia, Huila
Castillo & Caturra varietals
E.A. Decaf

340g per bag.

E.A decaffeination is a process that uses ethyl acetate, which is derived from fermented sugar cane, to separate the caffeine from the coffees flavour compounds.

Our tasting notes:

Taste is very subjective, we intentionally try to keep the aroma and tasting descriptors as broad as possible. Our tasting notes are just a guide based on personal reference points, you may or may not taste the same things!

Packaging options:

Standard - Our colourful bags! These are high barrier bags, optimal for people who will place coffee in a freezer and take their time to consume.

Omnidegradable® - If you have your own coffee container, and wish to forego the standard plastic bags, these Omnidegradable® bags are an eco friendly choice, they are plain white with affixed coffee information sticker.