Twiga: Black Tea

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Inspired by Kenya's majestic Giraffes (Twiga in swahili), this name alludes to the tea's high elevation growth and the farmers' careful harvesting techniques.

This traditional black tea, sourced from smallholder farmers in Kirinyaga County, Kenya, is grown at an elevation of 1600m above sea level in nutrient-rich red volcanic soil. It has a robust, malty flavor and a sweet aroma of honey, with notes of sugarcane and biscuit.

Best served black or with milk and/or sugar.

Ingredients: 100% Kenyan black tea

Origin: Kirinyaga County, Kenya


  • 2.5 grams per 350ml serving
  • 90°C for 5 minutes

50 gram bag of loose leaf tea


Packaging: This tea will come in our environmentally friendly, compostable bags.