Swirl - Nicaragua, Light - Medium Roast

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Circular pour and watch the patterns Swirl.

Another amazing coffee from Nicaragua, provided by our friends at Gold Mountain Coffee Growers.

Swirl is a Micro-lot coffee from 'Las Mercedes' the farm of Don Roger Mairena & Doña Isabel, located close to the Arenal Nature Reserve in Matagalpa, Nicaragua.

Don Roger has a degree in agronomy and uses this knowledge to produce amazing coffee. The blend of varieties from their farm leads to a very balanced flavour profile. Tropical fruit acidity, with a mild citrus finish, as well as a wonderful mix of malic acidity (think apples and pears) ending with a smooth mouthfeel. 

We found roasting this coffee a wonderful challenge, its delicate and lends itself well towards the lighter end of our roasting range.


Coffee Info:
Producer: Don Roger Mairena & Doña Isabel
Farm: Las Mercedes
Matagalpa, Nicaragua
Natural Process
Caturra, Bourbon,Pache, Javanica, Geisha

340g per bag.



Our tasting notes:

Taste is very subjective, we intentionally try to keep the aroma and tasting descriptors as broad as possible. Our tasting notes are just a guide based on personal reference points, you may or may not taste the same things!

Packaging options:

Standard - Our colourful bags! These are high barrier bags, optimal for people who will place coffee in a freezer and take their time to consume.

Omnidegradable® - If you have your own coffee container, and wish to forego the standard plastic bags, these Omnidegradable® bags are an eco friendly choice, they are plain white with affixed coffee information sticker.