Nectar - Brazil, Medium-Dark Espresso Roast

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Best harvested under pressure, Nectar.

This is our classic flavour espresso choice and a fantastic option for milk based drinks.

Dark Cocoa and Almond flavour with a silky finish.

With Nectar, we wanted to keep the focus on smaller producer options. Sourced specifically from small farms, this is a blend of micro-lots from the regions of Campestre, Machado & Poco Fundo in Brazil

We roast Nectar in a way that lends itself best for espresso, it will work fine for other methods as well.

Coffee Info:
Origin: Brazil Micro-regional blend;
Machado, Poco Fundo, Campestre
Natural Process
Mundo Novo, Yellow & Red Catuai

Available in:
100g Biodegradable bags
340g Standard bags
2.2kg White Volume bags


*Our tasting notes:

Taste is very subjective, we intentionally try to keep the aroma and tasting descriptors as broad as possible. Our tasting notes are just a guide based on personal reference points, you may or may not taste the same things!